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Hi-Q Engineering, Inc.
About Hi-Q

Mission: To be the first-choice provider of comprehensive engineering services for reliable VLF/LF transmitter systems worldwide.

Hi-Q staff engineers, collectively, have over 77 years of background knowledge and experience in the design, maintenance, trouble analysis, and repair of LF/VLF transmitters, antenna matching systems and their supporting infrastructure.

Hi-Q's Specialties and Solutions Include:
Extensive knowledge covering the design, operating parameters, capabilities and limitations of LF/VLF transmitter systems around the world.
Engineering services to extend the service life of a broadcast system.
Performance improvements making the systems more reliable.
Analysis, assessment, test and evaluation.
Long distance and on-site troubleshooting and/or repair.
Maintain full electrical, mechanical documentation, and technical manuals for each of the U.S. Navy's LF/VLF transmitters.
Turnkey upgrades from design through commissioning and training.

Problem solving - quickly - is Hi-Q Engineering's forte. High power LF/VLF transmitters are complex and include design elements that encompass many specialized engineering disciplines and skills sets that are not always available with the normal station forces. When a system stops broadcasting due to a failure, the time required to make repairs and reestablish the broadcast is critical. Hi-Q has demonstrated its ability to perform trouble analysis and provide the stations with solutions quickly and effectively.

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