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On-Call Problem Analysis

High power VLF/LF transmitters are complex designs that encompass many specialized engineering disciplines and expertise. Because these transmitters are highly reliable and operate continuously the skills of station technicians typically degrade over time. Should a system fail, the need to make repairs and reestablish the broadcast is time-critical - the sooner the better. When an unusual system failure occurs it may be beyond the capability of station forces to troubleshoot and affect a repair. Hi-Q has the skills and experiance to provide the assistance needed to quickly get your system broadcasting again.

  • Hi-Q's staff engineers have over 77 years of collective background knowledge and experience with all facets of LF/VLF broadcast systems.
  • Hi-Q has extensive knowledge covering the design, operating parameters, and capabilities for many of the LF/VLF transmitters worldwide.
  • Hi-Q also maintains a knowledge base of components and materials used in all LF/VLF transmitting systems and fully understand their capabilities and limitations.
  • Hi-Q personnel have a demonstrated ability to perform trouble analysis and provide a timely solution to LF/VLF transmitter problems, either through remote assistance or on-site repair.
  • Hi-Q personnel are ready to travel to our customer's radio stations on very short notice when required.

Hi-Q's years of experience and background knowledge gained while working on many of the current VLF/LF broadcast stations make us uniquely qualified to quickly get you back up and broadcasting again.


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