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Equipment Solutions: Broadband or Tuned Power AMP(S)

Power amplifiers used in LF and VLF transmitters include solid-state broadband, tube-type broadband, and tube-type tuned output stages. RF power output ranges from tens of kilowatts to greater than 500 kilowatts per amplifier. Many architectures and topologies are in use, as there is no “standard” power amplifier employed in existing LF/VLF transmitters.

Hi-Q engineers have intimate knowledge and extensive experience in all aspects of power amplifier (PA) design, analysis, troubleshooting, and optimization. This experience goes as far back as the original design and deployment of two of the U.S. Navy’s VLF transmitters employing 500 kW tube-type PA’s, built in the 1960’s. Recent efforts include the following:

  • Specification and procurement of solid-state PA’s used in U.S. Navy 250 kW transmitters – Power amplifiers are a key part of a transmitter, but are not a transmitter. A transmitter requires a control system, protection, ac power equipment, antenna matching and tuning components, monitoring, and other ancillary equipment in order to function as a complete communication source. Hi-Q engineering specializes in integrating the appropriate type of power amplifier into a complete transmitting system.
  • Specification, procurement, installation, and performance verification for a new LF transmitter employing two solid-state 40 kW PA’s for the U.S. Navy’s AN/FRT-72C program.
  • Tuning network analysis and re-design for 500 kW triode PA’s.



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