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Equipment Solutions: Control Hardware/Software

A variety of control systems from simple electro-mechanical relay control to complex, distributed computer-based control systems are used to provide an interface for the operator to a transmitter, and to implement manual and automatic control and protection of transmitters and antenna interface equipment.

Control systems used in LF and VLF transmitters today are typically Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's) or embedded processor based systems supplemented with custom circuit board designs and/or I/O modules for specialized control when necessary. The control systems usually include one or more PC based operator interface terminals programmed with a graphical user interface package or a custom Microsoft Visual Basic application. The transmitter operator can input commands and view system/subsystem status and historical data on one or more screens customized for the transmitter.

Hi-Q is experienced in the design, programming, installation and upgrade of controls for all systems and subsystems of LF and VLF transmitters. From simple electro-mechanical relay control to complex, distributed control system design with multiple PLC's in a redundant network environment. Our systems represent the simplest design consistent with the functional performance requirements and expected service conditions. This straightforward approach allows the equipment to be operated, maintained, and repaired in its operational environment by technicians with skill levels equivalent to the technicians presently maintaining the transmitters.




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