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Equipment Solutions: Driver AMP

Driver amplifiers are used to amplify the low level RF, which is typically less than a few volts rms, to hundreds or even thousands of volts to drive the high power stages of transmitters that are designed to deliver hundreds of kilowatts or even up to two megawatts into an antenna.

Hi-Q engineers have specified and provided solid state drivers, and installed, tested and verified their performance in LF and VLF transmitters. Examples include:

  • One kilowatt solid-state linear driver amplifiers for the WWVB time signal broadcast on 60kHz transmitting out of Fort Collins, Colorado.
  • Four kilowatt solid-state linear driver amplifier for the U.S. Navy VLF transmitter located at Jim Creek, Washington.
  • Custom modifications to the U.S. Navy’s 80 kilowatt solid-state Intermediate Power Amplifier (IPA) used in 1 and 2 megawatt VLF transmitters. The modifications were necessary to lock and stabilize the RF frequency to the modulator signal, improve the reliability and self-protection of the amplifier modules, add I/O transient protection, and mechanical modifications to improve the performance and maintainability of the SCR power supply. The Navy relied on Hi-Q engineers to assess the overall reliability of the IPA and determine necessary improvements in order to enable continued use of the equipment.



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