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Equipment Solutions: Low Level Equipment

Low level equipment includes the modulator and modulator selection, signal conditioning, Carrier Cut-Off feature, RF keying feature, RF distribution to amplifiers, data line switching, etc.

The U.S. Navy's suite of low-level equipment used in their LF and VLF transmitters has been in operation for decades and, due to component obsolescence and limited capability, has required a constant evolution of improvements and modernization. Other customers have desired new and modern approaches to low level RF management. Hi-Q engineers have been leaders in the design and modification of much of the equipment including:

  • Custom Keyer cards and modules – to apply signal leveling and RF distribution to the driver amplifiers, and controlled cut-off to the RF carrier for equipment protection. The new designs offer precision analog circuitry to eliminate manual alignment and adjustments, built-in test to isolate system and component failures, and enhanced monitoring of important parameters.
  • Arc sensing and response subsystems – to provide protection in the event of an arc occurring in the high power RF components in the transmitter. Hi-Q's arc response system automatically adapts to environmental conditions and ambient light changes to ensure a response to arcs, and determines the arc location and first event.
  • Custom monitoring for RF – to monitor critical voltages and currents within the transmitting system with a high degree of precision, including self-calibrating designs, and without the need for operator adjustments.



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