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Maintenance Design

Hi-Q engineers have extensive experience in developing a complete Preventive Maintenance System for entire transmitting systems. High power VLF/LF transmitting systems utilize diverse technologies, that encompass these disciplines for which Hi-Q Engineering's staff have extensive understanding and knowledge.

  • AC power distribution equipment up to 4 MVA
  • DC power supplies up to 2.4 MW
  • Solid-state and vacuum tube power amplifiers
  • Air and water cooling systems; high-purity water systems
  • RF networks and antenna tuning equipment
  • Specialized RF insulators and feed-through bushings
  • Control systems; specialized signal processing equipment

Hi-Q's engineers and staff have proven expertise in:

  • Evaluation of the equipment, environment, and usage to define maintenance requirements and schedules
  • Development of detailed step-by-step procedures for individual maintenance tasks
  • Definition of required personnel skills, tools, and test equipment
  • Design and manufacture of specialized tools and test fixtures
  • Assessment of the effectiveness and limitations of existing maintenance practices

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