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Systems Engineering

The end result of system engineering is an integrated suite of hardware, software, personnel, and support infrastructure that reliably performs a specified function at a reasonable life-cycle cost. The practice of system engineering is an art that requires detailed knowledge of diverse technical disciplines, operational and human engineering, financial analysis, risk management, and engineering judgment that can only be developed through years of experience. It is not a cookbook application of standardized processes. Hi-Q staff's extensive experience in research, design, development, commissioning, test, and evaluation of both legacy and current state-of-the art transmitters, from all major manufacturers, makes us uniquely qualified to provide:

  • System specification and acquisition documents development
  • System architecture synthesis that allocates performance requirements among system elements to achieve a balanced, cost-effective, and reliable design.
  • Assessments of material condition and supportability, operational staffing, organization, training, maintenance, and management effectiveness
  • Assistance in management of contracts and specifications
  • System-level integration and proof-of-performance testing

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