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Test & Evaluation
Systems Design • Characterization • Tuning Optimization • Stress Analysis

Electrical measurement of VLF/LF components and subsystems is necessary for systems design, characterization, tuning optimization, and stress analysis. Large structures are difficult to measure electrically due to stray reactance in the test leads and strong interfering signals picked up by large VLF/LF antennas.

Using specialized tools and equipment, plus a novel technique to perform comprehensive measurements of the large components and structures, testing is as accurate as if done on a work bench.

  • Accurate high voltage and high current RF measurement
  • Network, transmission line, and antenna measurement
  • Complete electrical characterization of very large components and structures

Hi-Q engineers couple these measurements with their expertise in complex circuit analysis in the time and frequency domain to produce the best designs, optimize topology and tuning, and perform stress analyses.




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