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After modifications have been installed at a customer's site, Hi-Q Engineering has always provided on-site training for site operators and maintenance personnel. With the proven capability to provide quality training development and services tailored to the individual customer's needs, Hi-Q has the staff to provide the following training services:

  • Training requirements development. We will review your technical documentation, system maintenance history, and interview site personnel to develop individualized training requirements that meet your needs.
  • Training system development. Using your training requirements to develop a comprehensive training system, we can include curriculum outline(s) (syllabus), student guides, instructor guides, and test items.
  • Training system improvement. Upon reviewing your current training system and providing recommendations for updates/improvements, our staff will develop additional training aids (overhead slides, power point presentations, and animations) to enhance training effectiveness.
  • Advanced training tools development. Specialized computer based simulations to provide training without the use of the actual equipment will be developed. Additionally, Hi-Q staff can develop actual system faults that are safely inserted into the system providing hands on troubleshooting experience for site personnel.
  • Conduct on-site group paced instruction. Hi-Q will bring a subject matter expert to your site and hold training sessions scheduled around shifts; this will maximize availability to personnel without interrupting site operation. Both in classroom based theory knowledge sessions and instructor led hands on troubleshooting can be held based on our customer's needs.
  • Rapid response emergent training. We can provide a subject matter expert on short notice to assist and train/retrain site personnel before, during, or after experiencing a high turnover of site personnel. For example, when a site operation contract is being awarded to a new contractor Hi-Q can ease the transition to the new contractor.
  • Training your staff trainers. Hi-Q staff can provide in-depth training to your trainers, enabling them to provide ongoing training to your site's personnel. Not only can we provide your trainers with the knowledge to become subject matter experts, we can teach them relevant instructing techniques that enhance their effectiveness. Additionally Hi-Q trainers can observe your staff instructors to provide them with feedback to become more effective trainers.



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