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Equipment Solutions: Transmission Line

Transmission lines are often used in LF and VLF transmitting systems to carry an RF signal at full power from a transmitter to an antenna and/or antenna matching subsystem, which may be located thousands of feet from the transmitter.

Transmission lines in use today range in size from 1-5/8" to 12" in diameter, and consist of foam-flex, semi-rigid, and rigid types. The semi-rigid and rigid constructions may be pressurized with dry air, nitrogen, or, in some cases, sulfur hexafluoride. Hi-Q engineers have managed and executed all aspects of transmission line use the lines for RF power up to one megawatt including:

  • Characterizing
  • Specifying
  • Procuring
  • Installing
  • Terminating
  • Pressurizing

The engineering required for proper use of transmission lines is specialized and must provide economical sizing, adequate protection from internal arcing and heating, and reliable operation at high VSWR which is inherent in low bandwidth LF and VLF transmission systems.



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