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AN/FRT-72C Transmitter

The Problem

The Navy's low-frequency, 50-kW radio broadcast transmitters were increasingly difficult to maintain. Their components were obsolete and the level of expertise within the enlisted forces to work with vacuum tube circuits was diminishing.

Hi-Q's Solution

We economically modified existing RF amplifiers in Navy inventory. Then our engineers developed interface circuitry and a fully automated control system, which converted those amplifiers into complete LF broadcast transmitter systems. These new transmitters feature:

  • Broadband solid-state amplifiers, which are fully protected against any load from open to short circuit, inductive or capacitive.
  • Simplified touch screen operator interface.
  • Fully automatic antenna tuning and loading.
  • Fully automatic power level control.
  • Fully automated startup requires much less operator training.
  • Key protected Maintenace Mode to allow only qualified technicians access to manual operation and additional capabilities for troubleshooting.
  • No maintenance alignments or adjustments issues that plagued its predecessor.
  • On-line and off-line built-in-test program of all control and monitoring circuits.

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