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New Helix House NRTF Awase, Okinawa

The Problem

The original helix house was inadequate and housed obsolete equipment. The structure was too small for an antenna tune variometer, dealt with continued arcing of components and had inadequate instrumentation for all manual tuning requirements. There was inadequate control and communications from the transmitter to the helix house.

Hi-Q's Solution

Our engineers and technicians designed, installed, and commissioned a new antenna tuning and matching system for operation from 50 kHz to 60 kHz for a new helix house with a large operating voltage withstand margin. We also provided a maintenance schedule, procedures, and training for the new equipment. In addition, Hi-Q provided:

  • A fixed helix inductor to provide high voltage isolation for other antenna tuning and matching components.
  • A tuning variometer and motor drive for greatly improved tuning resolution.
  • An improved motor drive to permit use of the existing loading variometer.
  • An automated antenna tuning, transmitter loading, and power control with no operator intervention.
  • Significantly improved arc detection and carrier-cut-off (CCO) system for protection of the expensive helix house equipment.
  • Fiber optic interfaces for all control and communications between the new Hi-Q supplied transmitter Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and the helix house.
  • The resulting performance of the helix house components was exactly as predicted by Hi-Q engineers, both in the voltage/current capacity and in the target values.

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