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High Voltage RF Equipment

The Problem
VLF and LF transmitting systems in use today can develop up to 2600 amperes and over 200 kV on the antennas. The design and manufacture of RF equipment that operates reliably at these levels is a highly specialized discipline.

Hi-Q's Solution
Our engineers have resolved these issues by developing and supplying specific products for high voltage equipment.

  • Connection hardware and anti-corona treatments for antenna tuning components and bushings operating up to 1300 amperes, 220 kVrms.
  • Triple-tier arc gaps for over-voltage protection of antenna tuning and matching equipment.
  • Solutions for connecting tower-lighting transformers to base-insulated towers operating over 100 kVrms, able to withstand tropical cyclones.
  • Circuits for detecting arcs across antenna base insulators operating up to 220 kVrms.
  • Optical arc sensors and transmitter interface circuits to protect antenna tuning and matching equipment from arcs in RF and dc power supply circuits.
  • Electrically operated grounding switches for antenna tuning and matching equipment.
Triple Tier Arc Gap Firing


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