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VALUE Program

The Problem

The US Navy established the VALUE (VLF Ashore Lifetime Upkeep Effort) program to update its aging fixed VLF (FVLF) broadcast transmitter systems. The goal of the program was to greatly extend the active life of these important transmitters. In order to accomplish this reconstruction, instrumentation, monitoring, and Builit-in-Test (BIT) system performance needed to be improved and upgraded; transmitter operation and required operator training needed to be simplified; unsupportable equipment designs and components needed to be replaced;

To meet that goal, the NAVY's In Service Engineering Agent (ISEA) called upon Hi-Q engineers to specify the requirements of the VALUE program and then to provide consulting engineering services to help oversee that those specifications were being maintained.

Hi-Q's Solution

From specification to installation, Hi-Q engineers were involved in every phase of the VALUE program. Hi-Q Engineering, Inc. continues to provide logistics support, emergent on-call problem analysis, depot level repair and engineering guidance/consultation to the Navy's ISEA for the Fixed Submarine Broadcast Radio Transmitting equipment. Specific deliverables included:

  • Provided a system status and performance analysis for each of the VLF transmitters to define the requirements.
  • Reviewed all transmitter components to determine obsolete and unsupportable equipment.
  • Prepared a group of performance specifications for each of the VLF transmitters that were used to upgrade each system.
  • Assisted the Navy with the formal design review of the designs provided by the VALUE contractor.
  • Prepared formal Site Acceptance Test (SAT) Plans for the evaluation of the VALUE modifications at each VLF radio station.
  • Provided an engineering test director for the performance of the test plans at each of the VLF radio stations.
  • Conducted Baseline tests of each radio station for the purpose of before/after performance comparison of the equipment after the installation of the VALUE modifications were completed.
  • Prepared maintenance schedule and procedures for the modified transmitter.

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