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Darrell Gish

Darrell Gish, Senior Systems Engineer

Mr. Gish's multi-faceted experience includes research and development of analytical and hardware solutions for communications requirements; particularly analog and RF circuit and systems design.

His contribution to the Team includes analog circuit design and analysis, design of low frequency antenna tuning and matching subsystems, computer-based systems for monitoring and recording electrical, mechanical and environmental factors pertaining to LF/VLF antennas and transmitting systems, and automatic tuners for single and dual antenna transmitters. He has accumulated over 25 years of experience specific to LF and VLF transmitting systems since obtaining his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Electrical Engineering.

Proven Expertise:
Analog signal processing and control
Measurements and analysis to support the derivation of characteristics, equivalent circuits and calculated functional limits
Digital and control system circuit designs for transmitting system support equipment
Creation of automatic tuning system algorithms and equipment
Development of the now-standard network-analyzer-based measurement technique for baseline and subsystem characterizations for large high-power VLF and LF antennas, tuning systems and components
  Design of RF matching networks, antenna tuning and matching equipment
  Development of computer models and analog models of complex RF systems for analysis and simulation



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