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Engineering Technicians

Hi-Q's team of engineering technicians are well versed in all aspects of transmitter system assembly, installation, troubleshooting, repair, and operations. They are a self-sufficient team for small to medium size installations projects, and are experienced superintendents of large installation teams for large-scale projects. All are former military technicians and are trained and experienced in:

Proven Skills:
Variometer and helix coil structural assembly and winding, litz cable terminations
Installation and termination of rigid coaxial lines up to 9-inches, air dielectric semi-rigid lines, and foam-dielectric semi-rigid lines
Installation of high-integrity, non-magnetic conduit systems for high RF environments
Installation and termination of medium-voltage ac power cables (5 to 15 KV)
Installation, termination, and splicing of fiber optic cable systems, including outside plant loose-tube, interior breakout, and interior distribution cables; testing to EIA/TIA standards
  Troubleshooting of electronic circuits to the component level
  Microelectronic soldering to ANSI/IPC standards
  Installation of pneumatic systems for supply and monitoring of dry-air, N2, and SF6
  Tower climbing and rescue


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