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Michael A. Roberts, President

With extensive experience in research, design, development, commissioning, test, and evaluation, Mr. Roberts has hands-on involvement with every Fixed VLF and LF submarine broadcast transmitter in the U.S. Navy inventory.

His 30 years of experience encompass management of complex system and equipment design and analysis projects, hardware design, and commission of complete transmitting systems. He is a licensed Professional engineer in the state of California and an iNARTE Certified EMC Engineer.

Proven Expertise:
Research, design, development, commissioning, test and evaluation of complete Fixed ELF/VLF/LF broadcast systems
Expert engineering assistance to acquisition authorities in the procurement of VLF/LF broadcast systems
Engineering assessments of material condition, design deficiencies, documentation and preventive maintenance system of VLF transmitting systems
On-call engineering services at VLF/LF submarine broadcast sites
Management of complex hardware/software integration projects for VLF and LF broadcast systems
  Development of comprehensive Planned Maintenance Systems for VLF/LF transmitters
  Protection of electronic systems and equipment from high EMI/EMP environments


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